How it works


You use music scheduling software to play music (or other material of your choice) continuously on your computer. Your computer must be connected to the Internet with a high-speed, always-on connection such as DSL, cable modem, or a T1 line. Your computer will establish a permanent connection to our data center, and will “stream” the material you are broadcasting to our servers. You need a website with a “Listen Live” button. When your audience clicks on that button, they will be connected to our servers, and their media player will start up, playing the material that you are broadcasting at that moment. We can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of listeners simultaneously listening to your broadcast.

Sample “Listen Live” button on your web page

The music scheduling software allows you to manage a playlist, describing the order in which items are played. Most scheduling software will allow you to insert ads or other material and dynamically change the rotation of your content. If you are equipped with a suitable microphone, you will be able to interrupt the automatic mode and “go live” – announcing tracks and talking to your audience.

Types of Material To Broadcast:

· Music · Gospel Teachings · Sermons · Speeche · Interviews · Training/educational material Whatever you’ve got …………Just For Internet Broadcast

Services Include:

Tech support for the broadcaster and your listeners

Easy instructions on how to get started

Manage the service offering to your budget

Remote installation of the service

Broadcast in Windows Media Player format

Your Material, Professionally Broadcast

Designed especially for artists, independent record labels, filmmakers, and other media professionals, our solutions make it easy for you to harness multimedia technology to create a professional broadcast station style presence on the Internet. With our solutions, you can reach and compete for a worldwide audience. Your fans can access your material 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you have video or music and want to get it out there? Then Sound of blessing has the right solution to get your content in front of your audience. Getting started is easy. All you need is a web site.

Send us the audio and video recordings of the material you would like to broadcast. We do the rest. We will digitize your material (if not already digitized), encode it into high quality streaming formats, and store it on our servers.

When your audience clicks on your “Listen Now” website links, they will see and hear your material.

“Managed” Internet Broadcast Solution

How It Works

The Managed Internet Broadcast Solution broadcasts your material radio station-style. You provide us with your content and we will broadcast it from our servers 24×7 like a radio station – just put a “listen now” button on your web page. You can either provide us with a playlist or we can simply play your material in a continuous loop.

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