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We offer full service capabilities for radio stations standard and high-definition streaming, management tools and reports.

Low Monthly Streaming and Hosting Rates

A pioneer in the industry, founded in 1998

Sound business and profitable company

We offer a full turnkey solution to radio stations: provisioning the hardware, software, 24×7 tech support, remote software installation, remote monitoring of your stream (can page anyone we designate if a stream goes down), and more….

Our services are based on Windows Media Format – the most widely available format on the Internet


A “Just Like Radio” experience with features like:

Instant On’ technology; listeners just click and in a second they hear your station

Superior quality sound, with technology that eliminates dropouts and buffering

Customized player branded for each station

Group Tuner allows the listener to click from one of your stations to another, instantly 

Integration with the more popular automation systems to provide Artist and Title when a song is playing

Tech support for the broadcaster and your listeners

Easy instructions on how to get started

Manage the service offering to your budget

Remote installation of the service

Advertising Capabilities:

Ad insertion technology. Avoid AFTRA problems, and sell an entire new inventory of audio ads on line.

Audio ad timings are seldom precise. Our “rubber banding” technology takes care of making a seamless transition, even though the broadcast ad is one length and the inserted ad is another.

Professional software to manage ad campaigns and provide advertising reports.

Custom-Branded Media Player

SurferNETWORK offers a customized branded tuner for each of your stations, or a group tuner with all of your stations to select from. A “listen live” button on your website will link your listeners to your PLAYER.

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